How To Deal With Haters – And Get The Best Revenge

by Veikko Arvonen // June 22 // 0 Comments
how to deal with haters

Welcome to my guide on how to deal with haters. Chances are you’ve faced different haters in your life and honestly, it sucks. Maybe an arrogant classmate has been putting you down since you were 13. Or maybe someone from your high school dislikes you for no reason.

I’ve had similar experiences in my life, and my goal with this article is to help YOU to deal with those morons. I’m also going to share the best possible revenge you can get on your haters. All this without giving them attention or breaking the law.

In this article, you’ll learn tips and tricks to deal with haters, how to comfort them, and how to change your mindset to work in your favor. One group of people who I despise is those who put other people down to look better themselves. And as you guessed, they do it for someone who doesn’t know how to stand up for themselves.

If this is you, read on my friend. It’s my mission here to help you.

Mastering your frame – And why it’s so important

Deal with haters by changing your mindset

Your frame is basically the way you see the world around you. How you see yourself, other people, and everything. Your mentality is your greatest asset, so it’s important to make sure that it works in your favor, not against you.

So what does this have to do with your haters? It’s important to master your frame correctly, so dealing with haters will be easier. It’s better to deal with them when you realize that they are the biggest losers ever.

This may be hard. Especially if they have shattered your self-esteem by picking on you for a longer time. Luckily, you can change your mindset.

Psychology of haters

As I said before, haters are one of the biggest losers ever. When they hate, it tells more about them than you. A typical bully is usually a pathetic little kid who tries to prove themselves to others by putting you down. I mean, have you ever seen a bully without their friends, picking on someone stronger than them? Probably not.

Or maybe there’s a person who doesn’t like you and makes it apparent. These kinds of people are usually jealous of you for some reason. Or they may have other mental problems. I mean, if you’re truly confident, you don’t feel like putting other people down. Even if you don’t like them, you just focus on yourself and let them do their thing.

Think about it for a second. How pathetic is it to put others down to feel better about yourself? Is someone like that worth lowering your mood? I know, realizing this is hard if your haters have lowered your self-esteem enough, but it’s the fact.

Your haters don’t know who the fuck you are and what you’ve been through. Don’t let them lower your self-esteem, because they’re the ultimate losers, trying to act tough.

In a nutshell, haters’ behavior tells more about them than you. They may be jealous of you or just insecure little kids who need to seek their friends’ approval. They try to pull you down because they don’t have what it takes to get higher. Period.

Deal with haters by changing your point of view.

If you want to deal with haters, you’ll have to master your mindset first. With a great frame control, it’s much easier. I want you to realize what kind of losers your haters really are. Above all, realize that they are simply not worth lowering your mood or self-esteem.

Treat yourself with all the respect, because no one is a better person than you. If someone claims they’re better, they’re just insecure morons trying to put you down.

Imagine a bully insulting you in front of his friends. Can you take him seriously when you know that he’s a pathetic little bitch trying to prove himself? Or if someone speaks poorly about you, can you take them seriously if you know that they’re jealous of you.

Are you getting the point here? Start seeing your haters how they really are. Pathetic losers. This may take some time to sink in, but it’s the fact. And once you start seeing the world like this, it becomes your reality.

How to deal with haters in confrontation

Sometimes you’ll have to confront your haters. This usually leads to a verbal debate or something like that. At this point, it’s important to remember what you’ve learned in the previous chapter.

Dealing with haters is way easier when you have mastered your mindset. Did you know that when two people argue, the one who believes more in what they say usually wins?

You can use this to your advantage by mastering your mindset. Dealing with haters is way easier when you truly believe that they are the ultimate losers and you’re a fucking king. Therefore remember to master your mindset properly and see yourself as a valuable person.

Dealing with haters verbally

When arguing with your haters, remember to stay unreactive and don’t let them inside your head. That’s what they want. They want you to start feeling worse about yourself, and if you react emotionally, they know that they have succeeded.

Again, it’s easier to do this when you’re confident in yourself and see haters how they really are.

Remember, some people may tease you by cracking jokes. Often they don’t want to insult you and it’s important to not take them personally and separate them from haters. This becomes easier when you improve your self-esteem, confidence, and mindset.

However, when confronting a hater, you can just ask them why they don’t like you. Usually, they come up with a reason that shows everybody how pathetic they are.

Just remember to not step into their frame a.k.a arguing back with emotion. That’s what they want. Just de-escalate the situation by staying calm and saying something like:

“Wow man, if you dislike me you can just say it and we’ll see what we can do about it. But if you act like a kid trying to pull me down, I can’t help you.”

Or something like:

“You seem angry, let me tell you a secret that I use for a happy life. I don’t argue with idiots like you.” Then leave them alone.

Do you see the point here? When arguing with a hater, remember that they are the losers, don’t react emotionally, and de-escalate the situation as soon as possible. This may be intimidating and you may end up in a terrible mood, but it’s OK. In the long run, your mindset fixes that.

Avoid getting into a fight

Needless to say, you should always avoid getting physical. The one who starts a fight ends up dealing with negative consequences like getting arrested. Also, if you start a fight, people will see that you can’t control yourself and the hater has gotten inside your head.

If someone attacks you, defend yourself by all means, but never start a fight yourself.

Deal with haters by ignoring them

Although you’re armed with different tips and knowledge about how to deal with haters, the best way to do so is to ignore them. Yes, you may have to confront them at some point or deal with their negative energy, and that’s why I shared the previous tips.

However, a general guideline is that you should ignore them as much as possible. Do not avoid social situations or limit your life because of them, but avoid them.

Why you should ignore haters?

A hater usually has one goal. To make you feel bad about yourself. Whether it’s a bully at school or someone in your social circle who doesn’t like you, their goal is the same.

They try to pull you down because they don’t have what it takes to get higher. When they see that they have gotten inside your head, they know that they have succeeded and keep doing it.

However, when you ignore your haters and show that you don’t give a fuck about their opinions, they see that they can’t manipulate you. Your emotional reactions are the fuel that keeps them going, so don’t give it to them.

This is easier when you just ignore them, remember to have a proper mindset and focus on your own goals. See, haters are pathetic losers who focus on you and try to pull you down for all kinds of reasons.

You however are a winner who keeps focusing on your own goals. When your haters see that they can’t pull you down and you keep succeeding, they’ll stop wasting their time on you.

Focus on the action above your ego

Every time you encounter a hater, you have two options. You can allow them to get inside your head and distract you from your own goals. Or, you can focus on your own vision and let them fail in their goals.

I get it when someone insults you or causes you inconvenience. It’s frustrating and it’s natural to want to get revenge on them. If there’s something you can conveniently do to deal with them, you should do it, but often there’s not.

This is a great time to ask yourself if those losers are worth your time? They are not. Even if you have low self-esteem and you’re insecure, haters are always the biggest losers. Your goals, your vision, and your life are way too important to be affected by those idiots.

And by the way, you can get your revenge without distracting yourself 😉 Let me tell you how.

The best revenge you can get on haters

A quick recap, there are many different types of haters, but they all have one goal. They try to pull you down because they don’t know how to get higher themselves.

A typical bully tries to make you look bad to get friends’ approval and look better. Probably due to insecurity and other problems with mental health.

Someone who judges you for doing something is afraid that you’ll succeed and their ego can’t handle them.

The best revenge you can have is to master your mindset, ignore those morons, focus on yourself, and perform better in every area of your life. Imagine your haters seeing you more successful than they’ll ever be while they have failed to bring you down.

It will destroy them from inside and you don’t have to give a single fuck about them. Pretty cool right? Haters don’t get very far in life. Nobody wants to hire or deal with people who have such a negative effect on them.

So, I encourage you to realize what kind of losers your haters really are. Whether it’s a group of bullies, a jealous ex, or some other moron. Focus on yourself and don’t listen to them bitching at you. You’ll love the feeling when you have succeeded in whatever you do, and they have lost.

Focusing on yourself

Although you shouldn’t care about haters, you should always keep improving in your life. When you focus on different things like your career plan, fitness, and social skills, people will naturally start to respect you more.

This means that someone who treats you badly may start to treat you better when you improve your life. I’ve seen this many times in my life.

Back in time when I lacked social skills and confidence, some people used to tease me and sometimes pick on me. When I improved my social skills, they started to respect me way more.

A true hater will always hate, but once you improve the core areas of your life, people will start to respect you more. Above all, you should be improving yourself for your own convenience. Believe me or not, it’s pretty easy to climb up in the social hierarchy.

Just remember that whatever you do, you should do it for your own convenience. Not to impress others

How to deal with haters – Summary

There you have it guys. I hope this article was useful because I want to help you to deal with your haters. Like I said before, I despise people who put others down to look better themselves, so this article has an important mission.

There are many types of haters, but dealing doing the following things helps you to deal with them.

  1. Master your mindset and learn to see them like they are. Losers.
  2. Ignore them and focus on yourself.
  3. Become successful and let that do the revenge.

If you have a serious problem with getting bullied and this article isn’t enough, it may necessary to get more help from law enforcement or this website.

With that said, I hope this article helps you, and feel free to ask me any questions in comments or by contacting me directly.

I’ll see you next time!

Veikko Arvonen is a blogger with a burning passion for self-development. In his blog, he shares battle-tested tips to become more confident, charismatic, attractive, and happier. Back in time, he got tired of being at the lower end of the pecking order and decided to change. Now, you can learn his lessons from this blog.