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by Veikko Arvonen // January 12 // 2 Comments
alpha male lifestyle

Welcome to my alpha male lifestyle guide! Before doing anything else, let me ask if this has happened to you:

Since you’ve found yourself reading my blog, you may be interested in self-improvement and leveling up your life. Maybe you’re a guy close to their 20s, who wants to date more girls. Maybe you’re a girl who wants to learn to love herself more. Or, something else.

Anyway, when you get introduced to the world of self-improvement, you’ll likely hear the term “alpha male”. Chances are, you want to become one and learn more. If this is you, keep reading, my friend!

After googling some tips, you’ve probably found an article or a Youtube video with a title like “X tips to become the alpha male” etc. You go through the content, find out some tips, maybe implement them, and nothing seems to change too much.

I’m not saying that the tips are bad. In fact, they’re often quite accurate. But the overall approach to becoming an alpha male is wrong. Today, I’ll clarify what becoming the alpha and developing an alpha male lifestyle is really about. And above all, how YOU can do it.

Becoming an alpha male can be divided to four steps. First, you’ll need to change your deepest beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Then, it’s time to master the rest of your mindset. After that, you’ll implement good habits and finally, behaviors to amplify the progress.

Today’s article is about kickstarting that progress by implementing some simple lifestyle changes. This is supposed to get you started right away without analysing too much. However I also recommend checking out my article about becoming an alpha male. That’s where I discuss about the steps more.

What an alpha male lifestyle is really about

Before the rubber hits the road, you need to understand some fundamentals. Firstly, what is an alpha male? Back in time, the alpha male was the huge Chad, who killed mammoths with a club, got all the women, and beat everybody who offended him.

Today, the situation is different. Being an alpha male has nothing to do with your ability to fight people and dominate them. Also, it’s not about being the captain of the basketball team or having the finest Gucci belt.

Instead, it’s about your inner capabilities and traits. See, your mentality is your greatest asset. The modern conflicts are solved verbally, and it’s your mindset that determines your reality. If this sounds confusing, I highly recommend checking out my ultimate guide about alpha males.

Let me give you an example of why it’s your mentality that determines you: Imagine someone challenging you. If you start arguing back or getting violent, you’ll end up arrested and they’ve gotten under your skin. However, with a proper mentality, you can deal with them without giving any emotional reaction, staying ice-cold, and making them look like a moron.

This is only one example of why alpha males are so different nowadays. Many people have a completely wrong picture of alpha males. It’s understandable, however. 

Many wanna-be alphas try to act tough and prove themselves using immature and childish methods. Methods like putting other people down and bragging about their superficial things.

It’s important to realize the modern misconceptions, so you can start focusing on the right thing. This allows you to achieve the true meaning of being an alpha male.

Becoming the alpha

Now that you’ve understood some basics about an alpha male lifestyle, it’s time to go deeper. The social hierarchies aren’t as remarkable as millennia ago, but they’re still there.

When you possess different alpha male characteristics like confidence, decisiveness, and ambition, your quality of life will improve. Although in a modern, western society everybody should be equal, alpha males enjoy several benefits. I mean, would rather hire an employee who’s lazy, indecisive, and socially unskilled. Or, would you hire someone with a firm handshake who’s confident, ambitious, and boosts the overall atmosphere.

Secondly, being an alpha male isn’t about buying the finest suit, speaking with a lower voice, or acting in a certain way. Those are great additions for your alpha evolution but don’t work if you don’t change yourself on a deeper level.

See, confidence and many more traits like that come from inside. Faking confidence is a terrible idea. If you do that, you’ll be fake, and your insecurity will bleed into your body language, gestures, and other ways of communication.

This is why becoming an alpha male is about building an alpha male lifestyle. If you suffer from insecurity or other similar traits, you’ll need to change who you are on a deeper level. Not just how you act. 

When you transform who you are, those behaviors will become natural. That’s why many alpha males are successful and stylish.

Be the hero of your own life

The following tips I’m about to share are some lifestyle changes that can help you to become an alpha male. If you implement these tips and keep pushing, you will start transforming yourself on a deeper level.

Anyways, to be an alpha male, you must become the hero of your own life. First of all, treat yourself with all the love and respect because you deserve it.

Many people have a completely moronic approach to this. They try to prove themselves to others to gain social validation. But there’s a huge flaw in this.

When you do this, you anchor your confidence and self-esteem to external factors. They can and they will change. You’ll face setbacks, commit mistakes, and screw things up. You still have your flaws. Not because you’re a bad human but because you’re human. It’s natural for us to not be perfect.

Instead, learn to accept your flaws and turn them to your advantage. Use them as a motivation to improve yourself. The greatest way to love yourself is to build a lifestyle that you deserve.

Remember, our flaws don’t determine us. What does, is how we carry out ourselves with them. Remember, even the hottest girls, most charismatic guys, millionaires, and supermodels have their weaknesses. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody is better than you. 

It’s all about how YOU see yourself. Learn to see yourself as a fucking commander who keeps pushing forward in life, and the world will treat you accordingly.

Don’t give a shit about your haters, because haters are losers. Instead of focusing on themselves, they try to pull you down. When you enter a room, you don’t think you’re better or worse than anyone. You have a deep sense of serenity because you know you don’t have to compare.

This is what being the hero of your own life is about. The only person you need to prove yourself is you. Develop a positive opinion so strong about you, that nothing can change it.

Becoming a relentless action taker

To live your best life, you need to practice the different characteristics of high achievers. Characteristics like confidence, carefreeness, calmness, and decisiveness.

When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t knock. Kick that bitch in, smile, and introduce yourself.

Dwayne Johnson

That’s a great quote. Don’t be afraid to take opportunities because if you don’t take them, you can’t achieve anything. Whether it’s asking that cute girl out, standing up in a social situation, or something with your career, take the opportunity.

Rejection and failure are better than regret. You may end up in an awkward situation or so on, but it’s OK. To minimize that risk, keep reading my blog 🙂 

Train yourself to be a decisive leader. The world needs decisive people who are willing to take a lead. Leadership opens many doors and will benefit you a lot. It will affect positively your career, dating, social life, and more!

When you’re facing a decision. Consider the opportunities and decide fast. After that, learn to stick with that decision.

When it comes to confidence, remember that true confidence comes from the inside. It’s the secure feeling that you can enter a situation, knowing that you’ll be fine, regardless of the outcome. 

Another part of confidence is accepting that fear is normal. As long as you don’t do anything stupid or dangerous, accepting the fear will allow you to do it. Remember what I told you about failure, and use that principle.

Providing value

Providing value is an important concept in the business world, but also applies to everything else. It means that you do something that benefits the overall atmosphere. Both you and the other ones.

For example, coming up with a certain idea that benefits everyone is an example of providing value. It’s also a great way to practice leadership.

Anything that increases the overall atmosphere and mood or causes benefits to anyone is something that alpha males do. They never put other people down because they don’t need to. They leverage both themselves and others.

Putting other people down to look better is for losers. They need to do it to feel better about themselves. Often, they attack weaker people, which is extremely pathetic.

Choose to be the person that everyone wants to be with. Learn to provide value to interactions without expecting anything in return. This is a sign of strength, because you don’t need anything from anyone, but you got lots to give.

Developing a deeper sense of purpose

Alpha males, top performers, and many other successful people have a deeper sense of purpose in their minds. A purpose is a certain goal or a vision that makes everything else secondary in your life. It’s something that you pursue constantly and it makes your life meaningful.

It can be a huge vision like building a billion-dollar enterprise, or something smaller like getting good grades from the final exams to achieve your dream career.

As long as it’s something you can pursue constantly and it excites you, it’s good. A proper purpose should light a fire in your belly in the morning. It makes little inconveniences secondary.

Got rejected by someone? Not a big deal, you got more important stuff to take care of. Someone brags with their new car? You don’t care, you’re on your own mission.

A properly formed purpose gives you a deeper, more fulfilling goal to pursue, and helps you to ignore the little inconveniences you may face. This makes you carefree and non-needy. Thus, people will respect you more and consider you attractive.

Above all, discovering a strong purpose gives content in your life and makes you feel remarkable, which skyrockets your happiness. It’s a great way to naturally start building an alpha male lifestyle. 

Instead of putting a significant one or something that depends on other people first, create a sense of purpose and put that before anything else. When you’re truly committed and focused on that, everything else seems to magically go better.

Alpha male habits

A crucial part of a proper alpha male lifestyle is a set of good habits. Although a proper mentality and inner game make these natural, it’s important to pay attention to them.

The tips in this article have been about broader lifestyle changes that help you to become an alpha male. Combine this with a proper alpha mindset, and you’re doing great.

However, to amplify your confidence, decisiveness, state, and positive traits, it’s good to implement some habits that serve you. Habits like these:

  • Regular exercise
  • Taking care of your appearance
  • Advancing your studies and career
  • Educating yourself
  • Practicing and maintaining social skills
  • Taking care of mental health
  • Constant evolution in anything you do

These will support your alpha male lifestyle. Implementing these habits will make it easier to become a confident, relentless, carefree action-taker who’s in his purpose.

What about buying a suit and leaning back?

Sure, the different behavior signals that you’re a confident alpha male, but hear me out. When you start creating the ideal lifestyle with the habits and principles, those traits become natural.

If you try to fake them without any inner work, you’ll be in trouble. You’ll constantly overthink your every move and appear inauthentic. Imagine going out there, constantly trying to remember 15 alpha male signals and acting like that. Pretty stressful right?

Instead, focus on practicing the traits from this article that help you to build an alpha mentality. That mentality encourages you to implement good habits and form a proper mindset. After that, you can focus on superficial things like body language.

Alpha male lifestyle – Summary

How to be an alpha male

There you have it! A guide about building an alpha male lifestyle and becoming an alpha male. If this is your first article about this topic, I strongly recommend checking my other articles about the same stuff. They contain useful information that will help you.

The tips from this article give you a nice kickstart towards your goals. By implementing them, you’ll start naturally transforming yourself into an alpha male. They were pretty broad and require some effort, but hey, everything great in life does.

If you believe you need to do some inner work before learning to lead and getting confidence, check out my other posts. They’ll give you enough resources to go out there eventually.

However, remember to take action. My tips can only benefit you if you implement them. It requires some effort, but it’s worth it. I can say that by my own experience. Practicing alpha male traits will improve your life drastically.

With this said, thanks for reading. I’ll see you next time!

Veikko Arvonen is a blogger with a burning passion for self-development. In his blog, he shares battle-tested tips to become more confident, charismatic, attractive, and happier. Back in time, he got tired of being at the lower end of the pecking order and decided to change. Now, you can learn his lessons from this blog.