About Me

My name is Veikko Arvonen and the reason this website exists is very simple.

Since I was i kid at elementary I used to have big dreams and plans for the future. Anything from being a world famous rockstar to just having a high paying career that would make an impact on this world.

I was never too popular or good at sports or anything like that what was suppose to matter. Even though it didn’t. Sometimes I sufferred from low self-esteem due to my ambition and strict firm boundaries that I had put on myself. I always took things more personally than I probably should taken.

At the end of 2018 I had one of those set backs that screwed up my self-esteem pretty badly and after feeling down for a while i decided that enough was enough.

Well, what the hell did I do?

Went to therapy? Nope.

Accepted everything just like that? Nope.

I decided to start improving every single area of my life. Everything from social skills and relationships to inner game and mentality.

I used to think that improving myself was desperate and pathetic but at that time I felt like there was nothing to lose. See, most of people just stay where they are and accept the life as it is and that is probably the stupidest thing you could do.

I got to work. I told no-one about my new project and made self-development the number one priority of my life. Every single day I browsed through the internet and youtube learning from the best. Motivational speakers, millionaines or just people who had taken their time to transform their life completely.

And after just a few months I had skyrocketed my confidence and self-esteem. I was dating a girl of my dreams due to my new social skills. And I was even starting my first online business because of my burning desire to live my life with the highest potential

Did I stop there? Fuck no! I’ve continued improving my mentality, social skills and career plans until this day! There has been success, setbacks, trial and error and many great lessons but the more I continue, the more I know that I wouldn’t change this for anything.

Would you like to learn how to master social situations? Or change your mindset in a way that most people can’t even imagine? If yes, you’re in a right place.

This blog and website contains everything that I’ve learned during the last years of my life. There are people that want to live their life at the highest possible level but no-one has told them how to do so. I don’t want them to waste their potential and stay in a same situation where they’ve always been.

That’s why I created this blog. That’s why I’m using my time to provide you these lessons that I’ve learned. That’s why Maxed Out 20s exists. The name comes from my passion to maximize every area of my life, and start that at a young age.

So, my name is still Veikko Arvonen, and this is my website.

Take a look around and enjoy.